Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Swatches + Review*


Left to right: Nude Flush & Nude Thrill


Left to right: Nude Flush & Nude Thrill


Nude Flush


Nude Thrill

Another liquid lipstick review comin’ atcha! Maybelline’s Vivid Matte Liquid is another drugstore lipstick that has matte in the name yet never dries completely. This formula is extremely mousse like, smooth, and hydrating on the lips. After application your lips look shiny so I would say this more like a satin finish than matte. The applicator is flat on both sides and a little too stiff if you ask me.  There is a wide range of colors ranging from nude shades, the ones you see above, to neon purple. Also, this formula has a heavy sweet scent which I really enjoy but you can smell it even after putting the product on your lips. This is definitely not transfer proof and you have to be constantly reapplying because these wipe off easily. In terms of packaging, I like the clear container since it allows you to quickly pick out the color you’re looking for within your collection. As you can see, Nude Flush is a cool-toned pink nude meanwhile Nude Thrill is more on the neutral to warm side. Peace out!

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