Revlon Matte LipColor Swatches + Review*



HD Flirtation


HD Addiction


HD Seduction


Left to right: Flirtation, Addiction, Seduction

Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor products have become one of my favorite go to lip products in the past month. The formula is very creamy and mousse-like. The lipcolors do have a strong sweet scent that some people may find to be too strong however, I really like it. The irony is that these lip products never dry down to a matte finish but do feel slightly drying on the lips. The applicator is really easy to use and allows for precision around the corner of the lips. This lip product does require touch ups throughout the day because it transfers while eating and drinking. The wear time isn’t anything out of this world but overall I think this was a great new launch by Revlon and hope there are new colors released in the future. Peace out!

-Products were purchased by me-

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