MAC Lipsticks, Swatches, and Dupes!

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mac lipsticks

From left to right: Impassioned, All Fired Up, Hoop, Heroine, Goddess of the Sea, Yield to Love, and Lingering Kiss.

I recently bought Yield to Love and Lingering Kiss so I thought it’d be nice to swatch all of my MAC lipsticks and find any dupes in my collection.


Bare Lips

  • Impassioned: Amplified Creme finish, bright fuchsia color, extremely creamy, opaque, applies smoothly and is long lasting. This lipstick is part of the permanent collection and the closest “dupe” in my collection was Revlon’s ColorBurst Matte Balm in Unapologetic. These two lipsticks are the exact same color but they have different finishes, so if you’re not too sure about this color you can always try Unapologetic first.

MAC Impassioned

mac impassioned dupe

Left: Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Unapologetic (Matte Finish)
Right: MAC Impassioned (Amplified Creme Finish)

  •  All Fired Up: Retro Matte finish, deep bright fuchsia, opaque, and long lasting. This lipstick was the most difficult to apply because it is so drying. When you put this color on your lips, you can feel that there is a lack of moisture and it can accentuate fine lines, therefore, I recommend you exfoliate before application. This shade is similar to Impassioned; however, it is slightly darker and stains your lips too. This lipstick is in the permanent collection and I wasn’t able to find any dupe among my other lipsticks.

MAC all fired up

  •  Hoop: Satin finish, midtonal rosey-pink, opaque, and creamy. This lipstick was discontinued but was brought back during April’s “MAC By Request” event for a limited time.

MAC hoop

  •  Heroine: Matte finish, bright purple, opaque, not drying like other matte shades, and creamy. This lipstick is part of the permanent collection and the closest “dupe” I could find was Revlon’s Super Lustrous Creme in Berry Haute. Heroine is a brighter shade of purple, more opaque, and they have different finishes. Since Heroine is such a bright color, you might want to buy Berry Haute to get an idea whether or not this purple shade works for you.


heroine dupe

Left: Revlon Super Lustrous Creme in Berry Haute (Creme finish)
Right: MAC Heroine (Matte finish)

bare lips after four swatches

Bare lips after the first four swatches.

    • Goddess of the Sea: Cremesheen finish, cool toned berry, moisturizing, and creamy. This lipstick was part of the Alluring Aquatic Limited Edition collection.

MAC goddess of the sea

  •  Yield to Love: Cremesheen finish, midtone rose, moisturizing, creamy, and opaque. This lipstick is part of the A Novel Romance Limited Edition collection. This lipstick is continuously selling out on MAC’s website so if you’re interested in purchasing it keep your eyes open! MAC yield to love
  •  Lingering Kiss: Matte finish, deep plum red, patchy to apply, and is drying but not as drying as All Fired Up. This is the darkest color in A Novel Romance Limited Edition collection. This shade is continuously selling out on MAC’s website but can be found “in stock” in both and along with a few other shades in this collection. Lingering Kiss is almost identical to NARS Velvet Lip Pencil in Train Bleu. They both are matte, however, I feel that Lingering Kiss is a bit patchier and red toned than Train Bleu.
    MAC lingering kiss


    Left: MAC Lingering Kiss (Matte finish)
    Right: Nars Train Bleu (Matte finish)

    Below you will find all the lipsticks side by side for a closer comparison.


    Arm Swatches from top to bottom: Impassioned, All Fired Up, Hoop, Heroine, Goddess of the Sea, Yield to Love, and Lingering Kiss.

    mac lipsticks

    Left to Right: Impassioned, All Fired Up, Hoop, Heroine, Goddess of the Sea, Yield to Love, and Lingering Kiss.

So there you have all my MAC lipsticks and swatches. I’m planning on expanding my collection little by little, I love buying lipsticks from Limited Edition collections so expect to see more of those. Hope these swatches were helpful! See you next time, peace to the outttt!

-Purchased by me-

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