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Glam Halloween Inspired Makeup Look

It’s finally October and Halloween is slowly approaching, so I was inspired to create a Halloween Glam Look. For this look, I thought about pumpkins, for some odd reason, and picked the shades orange and green for my eyeshadow. Coincidentally, these are the same colors as University of Miami so you could wear this look for a football game or tailgate! Go Hurricanes! Anyway, hope you enjoy it and if you recreate it make sure to tag me. ūüôā I’ve included all items used below and a close up eyeshadow image too! I’m going to try creating a spooky Halloween look soon so keep your eyes peeled for that and until next time, peace out! Glam Halloween Inspired Makeup Look
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October 14, 2017

Five Great Drugstore Makeup Products Under $5!*

*Affiliate links are used and can result in commission.*

5 great drugstore products under $5five under five makeup
Being the thrifty girl I am, I always try to find products that out perform most others at the drugstore. A few years ago, when I first started getting into makeup I would experiment with various items from CVS, Target, and Walgreens. I was known as the coupon queen among my friends because there was never a time that I would pay more than a few cents or a couple of bucks for a pretty big haul. Now that I’m more experienced with beauty products I came up with a list of a few of my favorites that are affordable and keep me coming back. These are great for anyone just starting out, on a budget, or just wants to find a hidden gem for their collection that’s under $5!
wet n wild eyeshadow

Wet N’ Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio – $2.79-$2.99

Finding good pigmented eyeshadow palettes with good lasting power can take a few tries but I know I can always rely on Wet N’ Wild’s trios. These are pigmented, easy to work with and user friendly because they tell you where each color should go. So let’s say you’re a teen just starting out with your first palette these can help you understand the basic areas of your eyes (lid, crease, browbone). They do have a bit of fall out and sometimes the shadows can shatter easily from a fall but overall, the quality is great. If you’re looking for a good trio to start off with, I recommend Walking On Eggshells because I have so many friends that started out using this palette and they fell in love with it.
elf eyeliner

e.l.f. Expert Eyeliner – $2.00

This eyeliner has a very thin wand which is perfect for precise winged liner and the color is a really dark black, love it. The formula is really watery but it’s not too difficult to work with either. The only thing I don’t like about this product is that the packaging isn’t sturdy, my cap cracked trying to close the bottle, and the writing wore off completely. Besides that the wear time is pretty good and if you don’t rub or touch your eye it will last the whole night.
jordana eyeshadow

Jordana Made To Last Liquid Eyeshadow – $4.99

These eyeshadows are the bomb, no lie. They have amazing lasting power and blend well with other liquid, powder, or cream shadows. I hope¬†the shade selection expands soon because I would buy them all; however, it’s always a mission to find Jordana products at my local stores. Either there are no products anywhere or the few products that I see on the shelves have been picked at by other shoppers so obviously can’t buy those. For a more in depth review with a wear test, you can click here to read my previous blog post about them. If you do see them, grab them you won’t regret it!!
wet n wild lipsticks

Wet N’ Wild Mega Last Lipsticks – $1.97-$2.29

These lipsticks are one of the best at the drugstores. They’re highly pigmented and they apply smoothly on the lips. There are very few shades that are streaky and the collection carries lots of colors that fit multiple skin tones. The only thing that I wish was better was the packaging because it’s a bit flimsy. One of my lipsticks fell off the counter and the whole container came apart so I have to keep the actual lipstick inside a zipblock bag, yup classy I know. I have a separate blog post with full lip swatches, you can read it here if you’re interested!
nyx lip gloss

NYX Butter Gloss – $4.99

All that I want from a lip gloss is that it’s not sticky and provides color and this is exactly what these products do. The shade selection is pretty wide ranging from light nudes to dark plums and reds. This is another product that is usually picked at by other shoppers so make sure you double check before purchasing. The wear time is typical for a lip gloss and they do transfer but honestly, which lip gloss doesn’t?


Hope you give these a try and if you do let me know which you liked! Until next time, peace out!

March 24, 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Eyeshadows – Hot Chocolate, Sienna, China Rose, & Dragonfly Review, Swatches, & Looks

When the Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) single eyeshadows first launched, I was invited to Macy’s to do a makeover with all the products. This was back when I first started getting into makeup so I immediately was drawn to Sienna and Hot Chocolate since they seemed like the colors I would get the most use out of on a daily basis. The girl that was doing my makeover did a smokey eye with them which looked really nice and then I was convinced that I needed to buy them. ABH was offering a deal, which is still offered, buy four eyeshadows (total: $40) and receive a free magnetic palette. So I looked at the rest of the shadows and picked Dragonfly and China Rose. Each eyeshadow individually is $12 for reference.

Back then I thought these shadows were everything but after gaining more knowledge of the makeup industry and trying endless amounts of products I now have a different opinion on them. Let’s start with the matte shades: Sienna and Hot Chocolate. They blend effortlessly with any other shadow whether it’s cream or powder and they have great pigmentation. The only thing that I don’t like about these matte shadows is that they develop hard pan so the shadow feels much more rough to the tough however, this doesn’t really affect their performance. Unlike the mattes, the duo chromes Dragonfly and China Rose are much softer and smoother. Dragonfly applies great to the skin but requires a little extra packing to get the full opaque color. China Rose, on the other hand, doesn’t stick that well to my skin sometimes so I have to wet my brush to get it to apply well and have opacity if not it sometimes¬†looks like little bits of glitter. Also, I wouldn’t even consider these traditional duo chromes since in the light they still reflect the same color so I would say they’re more like satin/metallics.

Overall, the shadows are okay in my opinion and I don’t think I would repurchase these unless I¬†couldn’t find any dupes. The shadows can be worked with but just require quite a bit more work than shadows from other brands that I have used in the past. I do have to say that ABH does have a great selection of colors and perhaps others perform better than the ones I chose. Below are two eyelooks that I created using these shadows which I think came out great with the extra effort to make them work. Until next time, peace out!

March 3, 2017

NikkieTutorials + Too Faced The Power of Makeup Review + Swatches*

Eyelook using the following shades: Painkiller, Mystic Hour, Sugar Coated, and Ivy. Also used the liquid eyeliner in this look!

Used the following eyeshadow shades in this look: Ivy, Painkiller, Makeup & Chill, and Irresistible.




The swatches with “P” are in this palette compared to their stand alone counterparts.

I had high hopes for this palette since I own various Too Faced products. Unfortunately, the palette did not exceed my expectations and I believe this palette is actually subpar with most of my other Too Faced palettes. The matte shades in the palette are pigmented and blend really well. The only one that is a bit chalky is the lightest shade, Ivy. I feel this palette is lacking a huge important element: another matte transition shade. The only transition shade in this palette is Painkiller which is a bummer because they could have easily a taupe or mauve to compliment the rest of the shades. The metallics, on the other hand, did not swatch very well using various flat shader brushes but provided better pigmentation when using your finger. It seemed as if the metallic shades did not stick very well to the skin or brushes and when I tried blending them the vibrancy of the shadow would decrease significantly. Also, these shadows have a lot of fallout so do your eyes first!! The blushes in the palette were great and were the exact same color and texture as in the Love Flush Palette. The bronzer in this palette actually seemed more cool toned than the stand alone Chocolate Soleil bronzer that I own. The highlighter in this palette is actually the same eyeshadow shade seen in the original Chocolate Bar palette, yet the one in this palette seemed a little off in color. Both the bronzer and the highlighter have different textures than the originals, they seem chalkier.

This palette comes with a few extras which include: a full size Sketch Marker liquid¬†eyeliner, a purple Better Than Sex mascara, glittering Glamour Dust in Blue Angel, and a Shadow Insurance primer. The eyeliner is great because it’s black, the tip is thin enough to get a straight and precise liner. I really do enjoy it and can actually see myself repurchasing if after a few months the tip does not feather. The mascara was a bit disappointing because I thought the purple would be brighter; however, it wasn’t that noticeable on my eyelashes but the mascara does provide volume. I don’t like the packaging of the mascara because the stopper always allows extra product to stay on the wand and eventually it starts to accumulate¬†on the rim of the tube, very messy. I wish the glitter container had a sifter to prevent the glitter from flying everywhere. Besides that the glitter is a silver shade even though the name is Blue Angel but it’s nice to add an extra dimension to a look for any special occasion. The eyeshadow primer worked well for my eyes, kept the shadows from creasing but didn’t really help with the intensity of the shadows.

Overall: The palette has good matte shadows, okay metallic shadows, great blushes, and a subpar bronzer and highlighter. The eyeliner is amazing but they do sell that separately, just like the blushes. Save your money and pass on this palette because you have to put extra time into making the shadows work and there are several other palettes out there with very similar shades that are way easier to use.

If you’re still interested in purchasing this palette you may find it at the¬†Too Faced website. Sephora and Ulta are both currently sold out and they may not be restocking online so check in stores.

This palette was sent to me by 0.8Liters for review purposes.

September 19, 2016