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Kat Von D – Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette

mi_vida_loca mi_vida_loca2


Left to Right: Skulls, Noble, Moulder, Vox, Strutter, Lyric, & Black Metal.


Left to Right: Rewind, Destroyer, Swoon, Löve, Anthem, Muse, Echo, Dark Wave, Synth, & Hyperballad.


Left to Right: Lemmy, Misfit, Vinyl, Legend, Fran, Analogue, & Harpsichord.


Here’s an eyelook where I used Rewind and & Destroyer in the crease and Black Metal in the lower lashline.

Short Overview: This palette has 24 shadows ranging from brights to neutrals. They are highly pigmented, buttery, and blend beautifully. I love the color wheel design for the palette, however, the cardboard sleeve that holds the palette isn’t really the safest. The palette slides out easily and if you’re not paying attention the shadows can get damaged. The palette is $59 dollars which is pretty pricey but you are getting a variety of shades that you may not own already and they are great quality. If you can find it in any Sephora near you, since they apparently aren’t sold online anymore, then totally grab it before they’re gone.

-Product was purchased by me-

December 16, 2015

Revlon – Not Just Nudes in Romantic Nudes Palette Review & Comparison




Swatches of the top row from left to right.


Swatches of the bottom row from left to right.


Eyelook made with Not Just Nudes in Romantic Nudes palette by Revlon.


Lately drugstore brands like L’oreal and Maybelline have released makeup palettes and now Revlon has jumped on the wagon. I’m going to give you my overall review of the new Revlon Not Just Nudes palette in Romatic Nudes and since I also own Maybelline’s The Nudes Palette I will be able to compare both at the end for those of you that are debating which to purchase. Unfortunately, I do not own any of the palettes by L’oreal so I can’t include it into the comparisons. Without further ado let us continue with the review.

Review of Revlon’s Not Just Nudes Palette in Romantic Nudes:

This palette contains ten different shades with four of them being matte and the other six being shimmer. When I first opened the palette, I found a duo ended brush which to my surprise is pretty good for applying shadows in the crease and lid. The flat shader part of the brush could be stiffer but overall it isn’t bad and the most important thing is that it isn’t scratchy. Good job Revlon! All the shadows are pretty buttery except the matte brown.

In terms of pigmentation, the most pigmented are the shimmer shades; however, the matte shades can be easily built up. I want to say that most of the neutral shades in this palette lean more on the cooler side and only one of the shimmer shadows is warm. The pop of color of this palette is definitely the purple and it isn’t too bright which means you can easily wear it for work or school if you wanted to. The one thing I really loved about the shadows is how great they blend and retain their color. Sometimes you buy palettes with beautiful colors but when you start to blend them they get muddy and they all end up looking the same but these shadows don’t do that.

I wore the shadows with primer one night and they started to fade in a small area near the upper lid and the crease after the four hour mark but the rest of the look was nearly perfect. The next day I wore the shadows again but with no primer and they lasted over six hours. I do not have oily lids so your mileage may vary.

Overall thoughts: This palette is probably for someone who likes neutral shades and doesn’t like to experiment a lot with color or for someone who is just starting out with makeup. The shadows are pretty good quality and blend well. The only thing I would add to this palette is a deeper brown shade because the matte brown that comes in the palette applies a bit lighter on the eyes than when it’s swatched on the arm. This palette retails for $14.99 which I think is pretty fair considering it comes with the duo ended brush. If you wait for a sale or a coupon you can get it for less.

Comparison between Revlon’s Not Just Nudes in Romantic Nudes Palette and Maybelline’s The Nudes Palette:
To begin with, Not Just Nudes by Revlon is more expensive than The Nudes by Maybelline which retails for $11.99 according to my local Walgreens & CVS. Revlon’s palette has larger pan sizes with more product (.5oz/14.2g total) but brings ten shades meanwhile the Maybelline palette brings twelve (.34oz/9.6g total). Some of the shades are similar in both palettes like the matte brown and cool grey.

Maybelline’s The Nudes palette has a few deeper shades and even includes a black. Nevertheless, to my dismay the black shade in the palette has incredibly poor pigmentation and instead looks like a light grey. The only way to get most of the shades to be pigmented is if you keep building up the intensity by just packing on a lot more product or by using a base. Out of the 12 shades, I honestly only found three of the shimmer shades impressive with good pigmentation on their own. The rest of the shadows were duds in my opinion. Also, when you blend these shadows they are very muddy and they tend to look like one color unlike Revlon’s palette.  This palette does come with a duo ended foam applicator which I tried using and it didn’t really help with application or pigmentation. The only reason I ever reach for this palette is to grab the beautiful bronze shimmer shade. I do like that in the back of the palette Maybelline indicated how the shadows could be used as quads, trios, and duos.

So which palette should you buy? Even though Revlon’s Not Just Nudes has less shades and is a few bucks more I think it’s an overall better buy than Maybelline’s The Nudes palette. Had Maybelline executed better in pigmentation and in blending ability  of their shadows than both palettes would be pretty equal in my opinion.

-Products purchased by me-

November 24, 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture Palette Review



Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture World Traveler Palette

Top row swatched.

Top row swatched.


Bottom row swatched.


Comparison swatches between Anastasia’s Fudge (Shadow Couture) & Anastasia’s Hot Chocolate (Single eyeshadow)

Comparison swatches:
Anastasia’s Bellini (Shadow Couture) vs China Rose (Single shadow)
Morocco (Shadow Couture) vs Sienna (Single shadow)

Packaging: This palette is lightweight, sleek, and an ideal size for traveling. However, I don’t like the way the slots aren’t tightly snug around the eyeshadow pans. The eyeshadow slots are slightly larger than the pans specifically around the corners which allows the pans to move a bit. Also, the pans don’t seem to be glued down which makes me think that if the palette ever were to fall the pans can easily come out.

Shadows: There are some shadows that are pigmented and were on par with my expectations but there were a few that were not good at all. Azure and Metallic don’t go on the lid as bright as they look in the pan but at least they have solid pigmentation. I’ve tried using Azure wet on the lid but the color actually sheered out which was unexpected. Chic, Spoiled, and Bellini are not as pigmented as the rest of the shadows and they have lots of glitter fallout. Those three shadows are the lowest in quality out of the bunch in my opinion but at least the fallout can be minimized with a primer. Soft Peach is chalky but at least it can be used as a good skin tone base shadow for anyone with light-medium skin. Heirloom looks more black than purple when swatched and had tons of fallout too. Overall, I think the palette is pretty fair for the price especially if you don’t own any shadows that are close in color to the ones in this collection. The palette does come with a nice big mirror and a duo-ended brush that is decent for applying shadow. Is this a MUST have palette? I would say no. This was my first Anastasia eyeshadow palette and probably my last. I had heard so many great things about this palette from Youtubers and I just don’t see why they were raving so much.

-Product was purchased by me-

August 30, 2015

Dark Purple Smokey Eye

1_03 1_032

Here’s a dark purple “smokey” eye using Ardency Inn Modster Manuka Honey Enriched Pigment in Royal. I am absolutely in love with all of their pressed pigments. They’re rich in color, opacity, buttery, easy to blend, and they’re long wearing. I recently ordered another one of their pigments so once that arrives I will do my overdue swatches post.

In this look I also used the black and grey eyeshadows from Maybelline’s The Nudes Palette for the outer corner area. I wanted the purple to really stand out so I decided to have three layers: the purple shadow from Rimmel’s State of Grace Quad, Milani’s Bella Purple from the Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow collection, and then on the top was Ardency Inn’s Royal.  I decided to go without eyeliner because I thought it would be too overbearing and take away from the purple. That’s all for now, peace to the outt.

January 13, 2015