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NikkieTutorials + Too Faced The Power of Makeup Review + Swatches*

Eyelook using the following shades: Painkiller, Mystic Hour, Sugar Coated, and Ivy. Also used the liquid eyeliner in this look!

Used the following eyeshadow shades in this look: Ivy, Painkiller, Makeup & Chill, and Irresistible.




The swatches with “P” are in this palette compared to their stand alone counterparts.

I had high hopes for this palette since I own various Too Faced products. Unfortunately, the palette did not exceed my expectations and I believe this palette is actually subpar with most of my other Too Faced palettes. The matte shades in the palette are pigmented and blend really well. The only one that is a bit chalky is the lightest shade, Ivy. I feel this palette is lacking a huge important element: another matte transition shade. The only transition shade in this palette is Painkiller which is a bummer because they could have easily a taupe or mauve to compliment the rest of the shades. The metallics, on the other hand, did not swatch very well using various flat shader brushes but provided better pigmentation when using your finger. It seemed as if the metallic shades did not stick very well to the skin or brushes and when I tried blending them the vibrancy of the shadow would decrease significantly. Also, these shadows have a lot of fallout so do your eyes first!! The blushes in the palette were great and were the exact same color and texture as in the Love Flush Palette. The bronzer in this palette actually seemed more cool toned than the stand alone Chocolate Soleil bronzer that I own. The highlighter in this palette is actually the same eyeshadow shade seen in the original Chocolate Bar palette, yet the one in this palette seemed a little off in color. Both the bronzer and the highlighter have different textures than the originals, they seem chalkier.

This palette comes with a few extras which include: a full size Sketch Marker liquid eyeliner, a purple Better Than Sex mascara, glittering Glamour Dust in Blue Angel, and a Shadow Insurance primer. The eyeliner is great because it’s black, the tip is thin enough to get a straight and precise liner. I really do enjoy it and can actually see myself repurchasing if after a few months the tip does not feather. The mascara was a bit disappointing because I thought the purple would be brighter; however, it wasn’t that noticeable on my eyelashes but the mascara does provide volume. I don’t like the packaging of the mascara because the stopper always allows extra product to stay on the wand and eventually it starts to accumulate on the rim of the tube, very messy. I wish the glitter container had a sifter to prevent the glitter from flying everywhere. Besides that the glitter is a silver shade even though the name is Blue Angel but it’s nice to add an extra dimension to a look for any special occasion. The eyeshadow primer worked well for my eyes, kept the shadows from creasing but didn’t really help with the intensity of the shadows.

Overall: The palette has good matte shadows, okay metallic shadows, great blushes, and a subpar bronzer and highlighter. The eyeliner is amazing but they do sell that separately, just like the blushes. Save your money and pass on this palette because you have to put extra time into making the shadows work and there are several other palettes out there with very similar shades that are way easier to use.

If you’re still interested in purchasing this palette you may find it at the Too Faced website. Sephora and Ulta are both currently sold out and they may not be restocking online so check in stores.

This palette was sent to me by 0.8Liters for review purposes.

September 19, 2016

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye in Glam Nude Review + Tutorial*





The latest 411 on Physicians Formula’s Shimmer Strips Custom Eye in Glam Nude! Let’s start off with the fact that this eyeshadow palette is 100% shimmer with no matte shades. If you are someone that likes a mix of both matte and shimmer in one palette this may not be for you unless you don’t mind bringing in other shadows from your collection. Now, knowing that this palette is all shimmer the next thing you need to know is that there is lots of shimmer fallout. You can see in some of the closeup pictures of my eyes there is shimmer underneath and I had some on my cheeks as well. If you are someone that does their base first, I totally suggest you rewind and start with your eyes first if you’re using this palette. The best way to reduce the fallout would be to have a napkin pressed under your eyes to catch whatever falls or simply use the tape trick. No matter what, I can never manage to remove it all so I just roll with it unless you know, I look like I was hit with a BeDazzler.

Anyway, I wore this eyelook with only one eye primed with Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance to see if there was any noticeable differences over time. Three hours into wearing the shadows I noticed no creasing, there seemed to be a bit more shimmer fallout on the cheeks, and the purple shadow on the bottom lashline seemed to be less vibrant. After eight hours, both eyes held up pretty well for being only shimmer and surprisingly no creasing either. Both eyes did show a bit of color fading so it seems that the primer did not affect performance and they did fade pretty evenly. Next time I plan to wear these shadows with some sort of glitter glue and see if that helps with fallout. In addition, I personally would’ve liked at least one matte eyeshadow in the crease instead but as you can see you can definitely use a shimmer shadow and have a nice eyelook.

This palette can be found at any of your local drugstores or even on Physicians Formula’s website. There are six different variations of this palette so if these shades aren’t calling your name don’t worry! The overall biggest con for me is the fallout and the fact that there is no matte shadows. The shadows did stick well to the skin, wore for a long time with just a bit of fading, and they weren’t chunky as you might expect from shimmer shadows. The palette comes with a small sponge tip applicator but I think the shadows apply best with a brush or fingers. The lightest pearl shade is the only one that may require a few more layers to get a good opaque color on the light but the rest are nicely pigmented.

Hope this review helped and until next time, peace out!

-I won a giveaway on Physicians Formula’s Instagram and was gifted a few of their products which included this eyeshadow palette-

September 12, 2016

Christmas Eve Eyelook & Outfit 2015


Dress from Forever21



Eyelook products used:
-Lid: L’oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in 337 Endless Sea & in the center NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Turquoise.
-Inner corner: Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow in Bella Sand
-Outer corner: Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow trio in Beyond Redemption
-Lower Lashline: Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner in Indigo
-Upper Lash Mascara: Urban Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara
-Lower Lash Mascara: NYX Color Mascara in Mint Julep

December 25, 2015