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Teeth Whitening with Smile Brilliant [Review] + Giveaway!*

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-Product was sent to me for review and all thoughts are my own. Links are affiliate which result in commission.-

Today I bring you guys a review that’s been long in the making. I was contacted by Smile Brilliant to review their Teeth Whitening Kit back in October. I was honestly excited to review this kit because I had seen so many Youtubers I follow review it and it worked for them. The most memorable review I saw was by Zabrena, check it out if you want another full review! From the before picture you can tell my teeth aren’t stained that badly. I stopped drinking soda back in high school but the damage before from all the cola was already done, so I thought why not try it and get that nice bright smile.

The thing that I like about Smile Brilliant is that it is a whitening system that you can use at home. You don’t need to go anywhere besides one short trip to your local post office to get your teeth whitened. This seemed great to me because a) I don’t have to go to the dentist office which scares me and b) the kit seems reasonably priced in my opinion especially compared to the trays that are offered at local dentist’s offices that cost over $300. The kit I received was the T6 Sensitive System which brings: three sets of impression paste (think Playdoh), two custom teeth trays, and 12 syringes (6 whitening gels & 6 desensitizing gels).

The overview of the process is make your impressions, send them back in the envelope provided, receive your impressions which for me took about a week, and then start whitening with the gels. I like how each person’s impressions is fitted to their teeth and not a standard tray. This allows for the gel to get full exposure to your teeth and avoids extra spilling of the gel over your gums. The good thing about this kit is that it provides the desensitizing gels which help diminish the amount of sensitivity you may feel. I would say I have slightly sensitive teeth and throughout this process I was a bit wary because usually teeth whitening is associated with sensitivity issues.  After each whitening session, I would use the desensitizing gels and thankfully I did not experience any issues with my sensitivity changing. In addition, the gels help with preventing any further re-staining; this is not to think that you will never get more staining because you will if you’re constantly drinking coffee, wine, and any other dark drinks but it helps to reduce it. Once you reach the whiteness that you want, you will need to whiten your teeth periodically to maintain them.

I did seven whitening sessions and I started out doing 45 minute sessions with a week in between for the first two sessions to allow myself to see if I had any sensitivities. Beginning with the third session, I went up to two hours and I noticed that,my teeth, to me, looked pretty much the same. I was even getting frustrated because after the fourth session I still didn’t have those extremely bright teeth that some people seem to be able to achieve. However, it wasn’t until I compared my before and after pictures that I really noticed the whitening that was happening before my eyes. I took each picture at the same time of the day and the same distance away from the light source to try and get the most accurate and consistent lighting and as you can see by the 7th session my teeth do look less stained. I am going to continue using these gels to try and remove the last traces of staining that remain and to maintain their brightness. One factor that might have impacted my results was that somehow I was able to get 7 uses out of one syringe (a single use includes both top and bottom teeth) while the instructions actually say they last between 3-4 uses. I guess I wanted to be frugal with the gel to get the most out of it but maybe had I used more gel per use I might have seen the results earlier on.

Overall, I had a positive experience using Smile Brilliant and will continue to use their product. If you have any questions I’d be more than happy to answer them for you!

Smile Brilliant has been extremely generous in offering my readers a 5% off discount code that may be used on any of their products. The discount code is: girlwithglam

At Home Teeth Whitening Kit

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And that’s not all! They are giving away one T6 Sensitive System to one of my readers. That’s right, a full kit for free and to enter all you have to do is fill out this form. The giveaway will be open for two weeks after this post goes live so don’t wait, enter now!!


January 31, 2017

Beauty Lashious Eyelash Curler Review*

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Beauty Lashious Eyelash Curler

I’m back with a review for Beauty Lashious’s Eyelash Curler. Lets start off with its appearance, this eyelash curler is clearly silver with a black handle, however, this model does come in four other colors. The most intriguing part of the curler is the handle because it has designed finger placements making it easier to hold and curl your lashes. I really enjoyed this feature because I felt that my fingers were secure and not flailing around. In addition, the handle of this curler is sturdy and powerful.

I found that the curler was a little longer than my own eyes so it took a couple of tries for me to find the best approach for my eye to achieve the most voluminous curls. Since everyone’s eye shape and size are different, the angle that the curler has is a little too “wide” for my eyes. I wish the angle was less to get a better grip at the roots of my lashes. Overall, Beauty Lashious Eyelash Curler does curl the lashes and makes a clear difference regarding length and volume. Below you will find before and after pictures comparing my lashes.


Natural lashes – no mascara and no curler


Lashes after curling with Beauty Lashious Eyelash Curler only. No mascara!


Lashes curled with Beauty Lashious Eyelash Curler and Covergirl Mascara.

As the pictures show, using the curler made my lashes longer and more voluminous. The mascara I used afterwards sort of clumped some of my lashes which I wasn’t too happy about but you can still see how curled they are. These curlers do the job and if my eyes were a little longer the angle probably would’ve been perfect.

To purchase these lashes and find more information check out their Amazon page: click here. Thanks for reading and peace to the out!

-Product was sent for review-

January 28, 2015