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Fort Myers Beach Trip

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Handstands on the beach with the beautiful blue sky.

Horseshoe crabs!

Unlike Miami Beach, Fort Myers has really soft sand and a calm crowds. You won’t see large groups of teenagers but instead more adults and families. I love this beach for all these reasons even though it takes about a 2hr drive to get there from my city. In addition, this beach always has much more wildlife than I’ve ever seen at Miami Beach! I got to see horseshoe crabs, dolphins, pelicans, seagulls, sea slugs, and much more. Definitely recommend Fort Myers Beaches if you’re looking for a beach on the Gulf of Mexico coast.

August 19, 2016

Traveling Only with a Carry-On

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I have been hiatus for almost two months now because of school and travel. I was out of the country traveling around Europe for two weeks with my family. The hardest part about traveling was fitting enough clothes into one small carry-on suitcase that couldn’t surpass 22lb (10kg). Being as hard headed as I can be I wanted to take a different outfit for each day of travel, so here’s a little inside look at some of my outfits throughout the trip.

If you’re in the same position as I was, I suggest packing tops that are light-weight like tank tops, camis, tube & crop tops, and shorts especially if you’re going to an area with high temperatures. If you’re more into rompers that would be great too since that avoids the need for packing extra bottoms. Always remember to try and wear your heaviest clothes like jeans and jackets on the flight to avoid adding extra weight to your carry-on!

Montserrat, Spain
Tube top & shorts from Pacsun

Prague, Czech Republic
Tank from American Eagle

Segovia, Spain
Crop Top from Forever21 & pants from H&M

Valley of the Fallen in Spain
Camisole from H&M and shorts from Pacsun

Barcelona, Spain
Camisole from Pacsun & shorts from Kohl’s

July 14, 2016