Pixi Beauty Skintreats Sun Mist SPF 30 Review*

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Pixi Beauty Sun Mist SPF 30 Review

Hello everyone and welcome to my Pixi Beauty Sun Mist review! If you don’t know, I’m a sunscreen addict. I drench myself in sunscreen every day, all day, even when it’s a rainy day. On the days that I wear foundation, it’s hard for me to reapply sunscreen after initial application. That means I would have to apply it on top of my finished makeup. Your girl here works really hard to have flawless blended face makeup so I’ve always been hoping beauty companies would come out with a sunscreen that works like setting spray. A sunscreen that you just spray on your face with no need to rub the product into the skin. Pixi Beauty came out with this sunscreen which I thought was going to be the answer to my prayers.

I went to my local Target and searched the shelves for this item. I finally found it and BAM, $18 for SPF 30 with only 2.7 fl oz!! Was I looking at the right product? Was Target playing tricks on me? Yes, I was looking at the right product and no Target wasn’t playing tricks on me unfortunately. Thankfully, a gift card brought the price down to $6 but seriously this is really overpriced for a sunscreen. I can get Banana Boat or Coopertone sunscreen sprays for $10 less with more than double the SPF and volume!! The Pixi Beauty Sun Mist has extra ingredients like Chamomile, Bamboo, and Aloe leaf extract that supposedly add extra benefits to the skin. These ingredients probably raise the price up a bit but honestly, in my opinion it doesn’t warrant the $18 price tag.

I’m already thinking this sun mist has to work a miracle in order for me to love it with all my heart. I like the packaging, it’s small enough to fit in my purse and the nozzle is actually round. I don’t like that the top easily unscrews while taking the lid off and while shaking. Once I had sunscreen spilling all over my hand because the top became loose while shaking. The way the nozzle sprays is just okay. I prefer regular sunscreen nozzle sprays because the product releases with a nice constant flow. The spray for this product is a bit more abrupt and you can’t just hold down the nozzle for as long as you want expecting the sun mist to be released like you would with a normal sunscreen mist. You have to actually press down every single time you want to spray.

My first time using the sunscreen, I forgot to shake well and was shocked when all I saw was white specks everywhere on my face and hair. I began patting it into my skin as softly as possible without ruining my face makeup. The next few days, I did shake extremely well, yet, sometimes the sunscreen would be clear and other times as white specks.

Overall, I had really high hopes for this product but I was seriously let down. I’m going to keep using it during days I go makeup free and can constantly be reapplying throughout the day. I’m not going to be repurchasing this once it runs out. It’s too expensive for what it is and it just doesn’t spray the product as a fine mist. Until next time, peace out!

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