Short Renda Sundress Review*

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We’re finally in April which means temperatures are rising and summer is quickly approaching. In Florida it already feels like summer so a lightweight dress like this would be perfect for a casual evening out or for the beach.

The material is very light and soft since it’s made of rayon. I like how this dress is a halter top because during the hot summers you want to wear clothes that are sleeveless to try and remain cooler. The good thing about a halter top is that it allows for easy adjusting so this would be ideal for any body type. I feel like this dress runs pretty true to size but if I were to gain around 2 or 3 pounds more it probably would hug my waist tighter and not look flattering. I really liked the pattern on the dress and the fact that it’s white so it absorbs less heat which is great for hot summer days.

Mainly I will be using this dress to go to the beach or the pool with some sandals or wedges. This dress would look nice with your bathing suit underneath but I found it hard to wear this dress with a strapless bra. It wasn’t easy to hide the bra and you can’t really wear the dress without a bra so that’s why I’ve decided it’d be best put to use for beach days. Also this dress may be too short for anyone taller than me (I’m around 5’3) and might not be an ideal fit for those ladies with larger busts.

In addition, the dress has lace below the bust which I did not find itchy or uncomfortable. That lace area is embedded with elastics so the dress stretches to fit your frame. If you’re looking for a short sundress for the beach that isn’t too expensive then you might want to check this dress out. Peace to the outt!

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