Facial Blotting Paper by Day by Day Beauty Review*

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I have found that blotting sheets are an easy and convenient way to control oil production on ones’ face. After a few hours of wearing makeup, I can feel a bit of oil build up which starts to make my skin look shiny. I used to have very dry skin but as of late my skin started to transition into combination/oily. I was sent these paper blotting sheets complimentary for review and boy did they come in handy.

When you purchase these blotting papers you receive two small boxes with 100 sheets each. The sheets are white and are harder than tissue paper but softer than receipt paper. Every time I went to reach for one paper I ended up getting two or three because they’re so thin and stick together easily. I found that quite frustrating because I would end up tossing the extra sheets since I didn’t use them. When I felt that I was oily, whether I was wearing makeup or not, I would pat the paper against my skin and the paper would absorb the oil. The sheets don’t show where the oil was absorbed unless held up against a light. This makes it difficult to make sure you don’t reuse the same spot of the paper on other areas of the face. After patting the sheet on my skin I would touch the area that was just cleaned and did feel a difference. I could completely feel as if all the oil was gone, or at least a good percent.

I feel that for the price you pay you do receive a good amount of blotting sheets. I think that if you’re careful and manage to only pick out one sheet at a time then the packages will last you a long time. The boxes are basically the size of a gum package so it easy fits in your pant’s or purse’s pocket. If you can overlook the fact that the sheets don’t clearly show what parts have been used then this product might be what you’re looking for. These blotting papers may be purchased on Amazon. Peace to the outt!

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