liveWIRE Beauty Eyelash Curler Review*


Another eyelash curler review for you all! This eyelash curler is by liveWire Beauty and let me tell you that I am extremely happy with this curler. I think that the most important detail about an eyelash curler is the angle of curvature because if it isn’t at the right angle then it might not fit your eyeshape or your eyes’ size. This curler has the perfect angle for my eye and its length matches with my eyes too. Obviously, this detail will vary from person to person but for me this curler was basically made for my eye. Since the angle of curvature was correct, I was able to really bring the curler to the root of my lashes and curl for fantastic results as you will see below.


Before using eyelash curler


After using the eyelash curler (no mascara).


Side by side comparison

As you can see, there was a significant difference between the eye with curling and the eye without. This eyelash curler is nice quality with a stiff handle. I like that the place to put your fingers are round closed ovals which prevents any slipping from happening. I noticed that when I used this curler without applying mascara the curl would still stay for a good three hours. Meanwhile when I curled and applied mascara the curl would last all day until I removed my makeup. I was quite surprised since I’ve used other curlers and without mascara the curl would leave after about 15 minutes and with mascara it would last about 4 hours. The only thing about this curler is that it doesn’t bring any refills so you’d have to buy them separately. All in all, I would recommend this curler to individuals who have almond eyes since it worked so well for mine. I’m not sure how the angle of curvature would fit with other eyeshapes but  you don’t lose anything by trying the curler out and if not just returning it. I honestly really enjoy this curler and it’s always the first one I reach out to get when doing my eye makeup. If you’re interested in purchasing this mascara you can find it on Amazon. Thanks for reading and see you next time! Peace to the outt!

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