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If you’re someone who likes to do outdoor activities often, like myself, you will always find yourself looking for new apparel to buy. It’s always difficult to find something that isn’t too tight and allows flexibility for your daily workouts and exercise. I was sent this product complimentary for review purposes and I was extremely surprised by the quality. I own various compression shirts and workout clothes from well known brands and I can honestly say this compression shirt is on par with the clothes I already own.

I ordered this compression shirt one size up from my usual size and it fit perfectly. I don’t feel any uncomfortable tightness anywhere and the collar doesn’t itch or bother. The sleeves aren’t too long for my arms and just overall the fit is fine for my body. The shirt is made from nylon and spandex allowing your body to “breathe” during your workout. Recently, it’s been cold here in Florida so I wore this long sleeve shirt for an afternoon jog to test its performance in colder weather. I was pleased to see that it did keep me rather warm while jogging!

The stitching placement might be the only con for some people especially if they don’t like feeling heavy stitching on their skin. The stitching that I felt the most was around my arms but for me personally it wasn’t something bothersome or annoying. In addition, if you avoid shirts with tags on the collar you will be happy with this shirt because there is no tag! Just one last thing, I haven’t sent it to the washing machine yet so I don’t know how the material holds up after a wash but I will update once I do. Overall, I’m extremely pleased with this product and would definitely recommend. This product can be found here. Thanks for reading! Peace to the outt 🙂

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